How to take the test

Zinzino Test is an approved in vitro diagnostics product for personal blood sample collection at home.


Follow the instructions below.

1. First wash your hands with soap and rinse well with warm water and dry them.

Take out the sample card from the paper envelope.
Save the envelope for later use.
Tear off the SAVE part on the sample card and take a picture of the Test Id. You can ONLY see YOUR test result with your PERSONAL Test Id. Place the card with the two circles facing up on the table.

2. Use alcohol wipe to clean the tip of your finger (middle finger is recommended).

Stimulate blood flow by making big circles with your arm or shaking the hand downwards for 20 seconds. Take out the single-use lancet. Remove the transparent safety cap and the lancet is ready to use.

3. Place the lancet against the lower part of the fingertip facing the collection paper on the table.

Push the top of the lancet towards the finger until you hear a click. The lancet will automatically make a small prick in the finger.

4. Don’t touch the filter paper circles with your hands.

Squeeze the finger gently one time and add several, minimum 3, free dripping blood drops to each circle marked on the sample card. The blood should completely fill the inner part of the circles.

Important: Avoid many aggressive squeezing of the finger to force the blood to drip.

5. Leave the sample card in a horizontal position in room temperature for at least 10 minutes for the samples to dry well.

6. Insert the sample card back into the paper envelope.

Then place the paper envelope into the metal bag and close it.

Important: Do not remove drying bag inside the metal bag.

7. Place the closed metal bag into the big pre-adressed envelope:

NOTE You MUST put the correct amount of postage (stamps) on the envelope before you put in the mail box.

8. Register your test code.

It takes 10-20 days until your result is ready.

Important: Keep the SAVE part of the card. You can ONLY see YOUR test result on the internet with your PERSONAL Test ID.

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