Balance Test +

Balance Test and In-house Health Check (with Nurse – blood pressure, blood sugars, weights, measurements +BMI.)





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As part of our service to you, we can offer any of our Balance Test Clients the exclusivity of an on-site health check with our Registered Nurse Practitioner.

What this consultation involves is a health questionnaire, hypertension blood pressure check, blood sugar level recording and BMI diagnostics. We record and save all of your details in addition to performing your balance test in a clean and sterile environment. 

If agreeable, we record your balance test results for you and have them returned to us under your unique identifier code. You will be given an appointment to review these results and have them interpreted correctly for you with one of our Senior Practitioners approximately three weeks later when your test results are returned to us from Vitas, the independent laboratory who will test your inflammation levels. 

On completion of your second balance test (120 days later), our Nurse will record all of these health check indicators for a second time  and we will review them against your original test results and the recordings we took at your original appointment. We will use this data, in conjunction with your second balance test results to document your changes and progress and to enable our Medical staff to make any lifestyle change suggestions to you, based upon these results.