BalanceOil AquaX 300 ml

Watersoluble formula – perfect if you want to enjoy BalanceOil without the texture and flavour of fish oil. A premium blend containing natural, wild fish oil, high in Omega 3 (EPA+DHA), olive polyphenols and vitamin D3. Zinzino Balance Oil AquaX helps protect cells from rusting (oxidation) and adjusts the body’s Omega 6:3 balance, supporting normal brain function, heart function and the immune system.

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Soluble formula with better taste and texture than normal fish oils

Helps adjust the body’s Omega-6:3 Balance to a normal ratio

Supports normal brain function1

Supports normal heart function2

Supports a normal immune system3

Increases polyphenol levels in the body to protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress6

Supports normal eye function7, normal calcium blood levels10, normal bones11, muscle function12, normal teeth13

Supports normal blood triglyceride levels8, normal blood pressure9 and cell division14

Simply shake the bottle, then pour, stir, drink and enjoy the fresh lemon taste!

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Traditional fish oils have a taste and smell that many folk simply do not like. When AquaX is blended with water however, the Aquacelle emulsifier makes the fish oil flavor and texture disappear. Perfect for children or if you struggle with the taste of fish oil.


The fish oil used in Zinzino Balance products is derived from whole, unprocessed, short-lived, small pelagic fish such as sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. Lysi, the manufacturer of BalanceOil, meets all regulatory requirements for production and follows GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) for food and pharmaceutical products. The fish oil used has a strict specification for EPA and DHA and are certified free from heavy metals and other toxins. The oil goes through a refining process to remove environmental contaminants.


BalanceOil contains a special cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil specially selected for its high content of polyphenols (above 350 mg/ kilo)5. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants with numerous beneficial effects. They protect BalanceOil in the bottle and, equally importantly, in your body.


BalanceOil Vegan is offering you all the benefits of our regular BalanceOil made from fish oil. BalanceOil Vegan is tested, protected, effective and safely adjusts and maintains Omega-6:3 Balance in your body. Finally, everyone can get into balance!


Our certified laboratories have analyzed more than 380.000 tests (November 2019) making it the world's largest database. The average Omega-6:3 balance for people not taking an Omega-3 supplement was 12:1 for Europe, and 23:1 for the USA. After taking BalanceOil Vegan for 120 days, the average balance is below 5:1 and in many cases below 3:1.


Zinzino approves only suppliers of raw materials and producers of ready products that operate according to the rules laid down in our quality assurance system. To be approved our suppliers must document that they have a good Quality Assurance System and ensure that the service they provide are following classifications such as GMP and ISO-certifications. The fish oil used in Balance products follows the strict EU regulation regarding the content of environmental contaminants and is below all the limits set. Our fish oil producer LYSI has a certified quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, GMP/API and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. LYSI is also a member of Friends of the Sea for sustainable fishing. Our factory Faun Pharma is ISO 9001 certified and all our products are GMO-free (i.e. free of genetically modified organisms).


Fish oil (from anchovy, mackerel, sardine), cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, emulsifier (coconut oil fractionated, polyglycerol polyricinoleate, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, oat oil, lecithin, citrus oil, olive oil), mixed tocopherols (antioxidant), natural lemon aroma, Vitamin D, (cholecalciferol).